Value Added Logistics

Do you want to enjoy all the logistics benefits of Müller and outsource your entire logistics process? Take a look at the activities we can take over on your behalf! We will happily take over tasks such as rewrapping, packaging, and labelling. We have several options for carrying out VAL activities, on a project or routine basis. We have set up special areas within our warehouses for this purpose.

Why choose Müller?
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Our VAL activities

We offer a wide range of value added activities to complete our services. We are here for our customers throughout the year, or for periodic promotions. We offer opportunities at all our sites.

For example, in cooperation with Tony’s Chocolonely, we developed a wrapping machine for Easter eggs. This machine, developed in-house, allows us and Tony’s to meet the very rapidly growing demand.

Packaging/repackaging, display construction, assembly of mix trays, bundling, coding, sealing/labelling, tagging/ pricing, weight registration and scanning.

Our activities explained

Does your customer require different packaging or an outer box? Let us repackage the products in the required format.

Display construction

A campaign display for the holidays? Let us take care of display construction for Saint Nicholas, Christmas, Easter or any other time!

Assembly of mix trays

Do you need to combine several articles in one box and deliver this box as a new article to your customer? Let us handle your repackaging!

Labels, coding or ‘best before’ dates

Does your product need a new label or ‘best before’ coding? Let us handle the new stickers. ‘Best before’ dates on the packaging? We can do that too, by machine and in high volume!

Contact us for questions

If you have any questions about Müller's Value Added Logistics, we will be happy to answer all your questions. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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Collaboration with Tony's Chocolonely

Müller has been packaging Easter eggs for Tony’s for many years. This was always done by hand and mostly in collaboration with social agencies in the region. Due to the growing demand for these products, Tony’s needed to be able to deliver more Easter eggs. In cooperation with Tony’s Chocolonely, we developed a machine for Easter eggs.

For us this is the ultimate form of Value Added Logistics!

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Value Added Logistics
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