Corporate social responsibility

Müller is firmly committed to corporate social responsibility (CSR). We are continuously pursuing to further advance and make our operations more sustainable. We also strive to be a socially responsible employer.

Sustainability – CO2 reduction

Together with our partners, we are taking tangible steps to minimise CO2 emissions throughout the supply chain. Our strategic partnerships with a number of customers who are already B-Corp certified, such as Vivera, Tony’s Chocolonely and Ben & Jerry’s, give us an extra boost and encouragement as we move towards greater sustainability. This process challenges us and our partners to make maximum efforts to promote social sustainability and the environment.

Lean & Green Star

The Lean & Green Star Award is a symbol recognising the achievement of a reduction of at least 20% in CO2 emissions over an average period of five years. By achieving this award we have demonstrated our commitment to a more sustainable logistics process. We actually succeeded in reducing CO2 emissions by 36% over a 5-year period!

Driving sustainably

We pay great attention to managing environmental aspects. This is why we invest proactively in environmentally-friendly delivery vehicles with EURO6 engines. We also use large goods vehicles (LGVs), because they have lower CO2 emissions. For example, we can load 52 euro pallets on an LGV, compared with 33 on a regular 13.60-metre trailer. In addition, we routinely give our drivers in-house training on how to drive more economically, and we make sure they understand these consumption figures.

Green electric trailers

Müller operates green trailers equipped with an electric motor instead of a diesel engine. Using a green trailer saves about 20 litres of diesel per day and there are zero CO2 or particulate emissions.  Energy for this motor comes from recovered braking energy, among other things.  The braking energy is collected in a battery that provides sufficient energy to the cooling engine.

Solar panels

We have invested in large solar parks at the new cross-docking centre and the existing cold stores in Lekkerkerk, capable of generating over 1 million kWh of electricity annually.  A solar park has also been constructed on Müller ETTC’s 4,000 m2 new premises in Holten.

We support the following charities

Food bank

The food bank is an organisation that collects food that would otherwise be wasted and then distributes it to people struggling to buy enough to feed themselves. Food banks work with supermarkets, manufacturers and other suppliers to obtain food that would otherwise be thrown away, such as products with short expiry dates or surplus stocks. The food is then sorted, checked for quality and shelf life, and then distributed to registered families and individuals eligible for assistance. Food banks aim to reduce food waste while helping people living in poverty.

Holten Canadian Cemetery Information Centre Foundation

The Holten Canadian Cemetery Information Centre Foundation is an organisation dedicated to preserving the memory of Canadian soldiers who fought and lost their lives in the Netherlands during the Second World War. The Foundation manages the Information Centre at the Canadian Cemetery in Holten and organises educational activities to keep the memory of these soldiers alive.

Local sponsorship (e.g. the Holten Triathlon)

We have been the main sponsor of the Holten Triathlon for many years. We are delighted to support this local sporting event with European standing. Many of our colleagues also take part in various events. We have also sponsored local community associations for many years.


Müller Fresh Food Logistics is also active on the social front through the Deventer-based social workshop KonnecteD. Through this relationship, Müller and KonnecteD highlight the importance of offering work to people at a disadvantage in the labour market. KonnecteD supports a variety of customer-related projects. For example, KonnecteD is involved in year-round packaging work for our customer Tony’s Chocolonely.

KonnecteD is the living embodiment of sustainable business practices. At KonnecteD, sustainable workmanship is the focus, produced by disadvantaged workers in a protected setting. Read more: www.konnected.nl.

Fresh food is our drive