International transport for the food industry

Our international department offers a solution for all your international transport needs across Europe. We employ our own professional drivers, who are also skilled communicators, to operate in many European countries. The countries we frequently drive to include Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Czechia and Denmark, though our core business is shipping to and from Benelux. We do this on behalf of a variety of customers from production sites to distribution centres, internal journeys between production sites and collections for storage in stock locations.

Our strengths
  • High capacity for sharply varying volumes
  • Last minute (urgent) orders organised
  • Close daily communication via our Customer Service department
International transport England

We also specialise in transport to and from England. Many hundreds of shipments arrive at their destination every week. We organise transport by train and boat, depending on the customer’s preferences. In England, we also have long-standing transport partners who support us for outbound shipments in the UK. So we also have the option of undertaking unaccompanied transport. In unaccompanied transport, only the trailer is shipped to England, after which our partner handles its onward journey to the unloading site. We can carry goods unconditioned, chilled, frozen or at a combination of two different temperatures in a single truck (multi-temp). The temperature of our trailers can be set as required. We also have double stock trailers that allow us to transport 66 euro-pallets in one stream. We arrange the transport, but we also take care of the paperwork, which we handle from A to Z.

Our international transports

To get conditioned foodstuffs from A to B, it is important that these foodstuffs are stored in the right place and at the right temperature. Müller Fresh Food Logistics is leading the way when it comes to technical developments. Electronic communication of and about orders is playing an increasingly important role in our work. Not only do we offer real-time Track & Trace and digital transport documents, but we can also provide custom-made solutions. EDI and DESADV messages are also an important part of our communication. In short, Müller Fresh Food Logistics is your partner throughout the entire logistics process.

Full truck load

The countries we frequently drive to are Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic and Denmark with the core of our business being transports to and from the Benelux area.

Import and export UK

Many hundreds of shipments arrive at their destination every week. We organize transport by train and boat, depending on the client’s requirements.

Multimodal transportation

Within our fleet we have a large number of huckepack trailers. With these trailers we can provide (conditioned) goods transport by road and rail.

Wondering what Müller can do for your organisation?

Müller arranges everything for the entire supply chain. More than just international transport, in other words. Then discover our other services: contract logistics, intermodal transport, Benelux transport and Freight Solutions Forwarding.

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Corporate social responsibility

Müller sets great store by corporate social responsibility. That comes in the form of support for good causes as well as serious investment in sustainability. We are actively committed to making our operations more sustainable in the widest sense. As well as being its own reward, this has earned us the Lean & Green Star Award.

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