BML Food Group
BML Food Group - Warehousing and distribution

“We are very satisfied with the collaboration with Müller, their customer-oriented and professional services have enabled us to distribute products to our customers with complete confidence. Together we form a powerful team that takes service to the next level.”

Müller Fresh Food Logistics is the designated storage and transport partner for BML Food Group’s frozen shrimp and fish products. Together we serve various customers in both the Netherlands and Belgium from our location in Lekkerkerk. Our collaboration with BML is based on a long-standing relationship, where we constantly ensure that the products are stored and transported at the correct temperature.

BML Food Group Holland is known as the leading brand for authentic fresh frozen shrimp and innovative shrimp, fish and snack products. Their close collaboration with selected partners from Asia allows them to select the best products, without making concessions on price and quality.

BML’s mission is to keep a close eye on the market and stay one step ahead of the competition. BML remains committed to the development and introduction of new, innovative and appealing products, which are suitable for home use, catering and private label applications.